Annemarie Zoller-Sicker

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My work is mainly in textiles. I design  Art Quilts and use my own unique surface design to produce
wall hangings and textile sculptures.

The material I normally use is cotton or linen that gets it final appearance through discharging and
bleaching, using reserve techniques with dextrin, soy wax and shibori or also monoprint.
Furthermore, some fabric is over-dyed with rust.

An important element of my work is the texture that is achieved through either free motion machine-
quilting or with intensive hand-quilting.

The ideas for my work come from encountering the African landscape with all of its facets as well as
with indigenous people or tribes threatened by extinction. My work aims to reduce the representation
to that which is essential while at the same time allowing the viewer to understand the message
and awaken relevant assocations.